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Outside the?

This website is my idea box of things that are somewhat outside the ordinary, or outside the square - oops, rectangle.

The idea of "outside the rectangle" started when I was pondering about the waste of trees caused by greeting card makers. Not that I am against giving cards to people. I am too much of a romantic for that. It just struck me that the back pages of greeting cards were usually only used for bar codes, logos, RRP's and other such boring information. Nobody ever reads it so why bother having a back page on a card? Just one problem if you take it off. The card won't stand up so nicely.

So I took it upon myself to start designing cards that have something meaningful on the back. Very soon "outside the rectangle" cards were born and with that the idea, that the ingrained dysfunctional behaviours of humanity are usually best solved with something that is outside the rectangle.

This is the first "outside the rectangle" card I produced:

And cards are only the beginning...