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Enjoy my little collection of unusual photos:

"Beautiful Lake Parramatta" ©2017 - click to see slide show

"I can see the cat on the monitor" ©2004

Cat & girl face to face. ©2006

Green baby capsicum inside red capsicum ©2008

The fountain in front of our house when the water pipe burst ©2010

Courage or plain stupidity? ©2007

This is what I saw on my camera's screen when I took it out of a plastic shopping bag in my office. The brownish colour is my desk obliquely showing through the plastic.
Not a deluge or glacier after all. ©2006

This guy had to perform quite an act to get
what he wanted ©2009

This guy got it for free ©2009

Christmas ©2006

Nothing better than a hug ©2007

Especially long and squishy ones! (by my daughter) ©2005

So now you know what we actually look like (by my daughter) ©2008

Someone sent me an email with these photos. Unfortunately the source was not acknowledged. I liked them, so I decided to put them on this page as thumbnails.